The 2018 conference season is in full swing and there you are, looking at opportunities to learn and connect with some of the best and brightest in your industry. The only snag? You’re not sure if your company will cover the cost and you’re looking at conference ticket prices like, whoah. Conference pass pricing can be overwhelming but there are plenty of reasons that conference passes cost money. Here are five:

It’s impossible for conference organizers to give free passes to everyone.

Organizers start getting requests for free conference passes long before registration for those conferences opens and continue to get requests right up until and even during events. If conference organizers honored each and every one those requests, there wouldn’t be enough funds available to actually host a worthwhile conference.

You get what you pay for.

Assuming a conference is worthwhile, the value of the connections made and the information absorbed during a conference should exceed the cost of passes. That being the case, when you’re browsing for 2018 conference deals you should be thinking first about what you’ll get out of it rather than how much you’re spending.

Freebies just aren’t as valuable!

Whether you’re looking to hit 99U, Inbound, SXSW, etc., part of the reason these conferences attract so much attention is that they feel like an investment. When conference passes are free, attendees just don’t pay as much attention or get as much value out of events. Paying for your passes means you’re invested.

One event in one city can mean networking globally.

Conferences are an easy way to rub shoulders and exchange ideas with people from around the world. Flying here, there, and everywhere to connect with people in your industry is frankly a lot more expensive than the cost of attending one or two conferences in 2018.

Conferences are expensive to organize.

Very few people are getting rich thanks to their conference organization skills! The cost of conference passes in some cases barely covers overhead, so while tickets to your dream conference may be expensive when compared with other business opportunities, remember that organizers put a lot of money into making conferences great.

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