October 23 - 24, 2017
New York, NY

IoT Security Summit was born last year after the security track at our sister-event, Internet of Things World, the largest IoT event, received an overwhelmingly positive response from industry experts.

Price: $595
Save: $500
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October 31 - November 2, 2017
Santa Clara, CA

Every Global 2000 enterprise in the world is now integrating cloud computing in some form into its IT development and operations. Midsize and small businesses are also migrating to the cloud in increasing numbers.

Companies are each developing their unique mix of cloud technologies and services, forming multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures and deployments across all major industries. Cloud-driven thinking has become the norm in financial services, manufacturing, telco, healthcare, transportation, energy, media, entertainment, retail and other consumer industries, and the public sector.

Cloud Expo is the single show where technology buyers and vendors can meet to experience and discus cloud computing and all that it entails.

Price: $1,295
Save: $1,205
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November 1 - 2, 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The executive summit focuses on the next generation of services beyond entertainment, including new partnership opportunities between operators and utilities, strategies to engage consumers through innovative service bundling, the role of the cloud, and how to effectively connect consumers to digital content on various platforms.

Price: $895
Save: $905
Only 2 available!

November 1 - 2, 2017
San Francisco, CA

There is an exciting and clear paradigm shift taking place in the market; a pivot point in UX capabilities, which will impact the future of services and devices, and provide opportunities and challenges for all companies in the ecosystem.

Voice AI, computer vision, haptics, AR, VR, bots and contextual technologies are combining to create a revolutionary new User Interface. Interaction is evolving across multiple devices and platforms, creating new ways to engage through personalization, automation and immersion.

This revolution will celebrated & examined at UX Next, the new show from the creators of IoT World, in San Francisco on November 1st & 2nd 2017.

Price: $495
Save: $604
Only 2 available!

November 12 - 15, 2017
Washington, DC

SPTechCon: The SharePoint Technology Conference is coming to the Washington DC area, November 12-15, 2017! SPTechCon offers more than 80 classes and tutorials — presented by the most knowledgeable instructors working in SharePoint today — to help attendees improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of Microsoft’s collaboration and productivity software.

SPTechCon will shine a light on SharePoint 2016, the latest on-premises server release from Microsoft. But there will also be plenty of excellent information, tips and tricks for working with SharePoint 2013 and 2010, as well as Office 365, with practical information you can put to use on the job right away! Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a more current version, making a move to the cloud, or simply need answers to those daunting problems you’ve been unable to overcome, SPTechCon is the place for you!

SPTechCon offers training opportunities for IT professionals, business decision makers, information workers, developers and software and information architects. Each presenter at SPTechCon is a true SharePoint expert, with many drawn from Microsoft’s tech teams or holding Microsoft MVP status. Come join us!

Price: $895
Save: $900
Only 1 available!

November 14 - 15, 2017
San Francisco, CA

Computing Everywhere

The cloud is the computer, we’re now dealing with many clouds. The current cloudscape comprises a handful of massively scaled public cloud options but also a large array of branded private clouds. Sign-up to get notified for the next Structure as we sort out this sometimes confusing scenario for you as the top minds in the business discuss the state of this multi-cloud world.

We’ll explore…

  • Distributed computing is the new cloud computing. Computing at the edge. Edge computing. Whatever you want to call it, more processing will be done closer to the actual end user to improve performance and generate real-time data. What will this look like?
  • How will the internet of things change infrastructure needs? As a billion devices come on line, we’ll need a new security model and a new data architecture.
  • Is it time to re-architect the web? As governments and corporations have come to dominate the most important crossroads of the internet, are de-centralized ideas for the internet about to come back into vogue?
  • How does the public cloud best suit your organization? With Dropbox moving off of Amazon Web Services yet moving onto the dominant public cloud player, there are all kinds of considerations companies must make when planning their infrastructure needs. Learn what you need to do.
  • Who are the next “Super 7” infrastructure buyers?
  • If 2015 was the year of experimentation with containers, and 2016 was the year of production, will 2017 see mainstream adoption of containers for production workloads?
  • How will the data centers of the future be managed?
Price: $495
Save: $500
Only 2 available!

November 15 - 16, 2017
Palo Alto, CA

The only 2-day smart home event where you’ll bring interoperability to life and learn from the success & failure of the ecosystem’s best and brightest.

Price: $595
Save: $600
Only 1 available!

November 16, 2017
London, England

RFID technologies are now being deployed at large, midsize and small companies to improve efficiencies, enhance visibility, reduce shrinkage and achieve other significant business benefits. This one-day event (with a day of training prior to the event) is designed to help companies considering using RFID technologies to address real business challenges determine the best RFID technology for their needs, learn best practices from early adopters, find the right technology partners and move forward.

The conference will open with three general sessions, and then divide into two tracks. The Retail Track will include case studies by retailers benefiting from the use of RFID today. Among the topics speakers will cover are:

  • Improving in-store inventory accuracy
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • RFID-enabled replenishment
  • Supply-chain applications
  • Benefits for suppliers
  • And much more
Price: $395
Save: $237
Only 1 available!

November 28 - 29, 2017
Palo Alto, CA

With billions of sensors collecting trillions of data points, the Internet of Things will amass data on a scale never before seen. Only when we analyze that data can we truly release the value of the Internet of Things, however, building a pipeline for performing scalable analytics with the volume and velocity of IoT data is no simple task.

Previously known as IoT Data Analytics & Visualization, the IoT Data & AI Summit is the first dedicated event to tackle and showcase the ways in which companies can evolve their strategy from simply connecting things to capturing insights to achieve true value from IoT.

Price: $795
Save: $800
Only 1 available!

November 28 - 29, 2017
Palo Alto, CA

Deep Dive into Exclusive Content

Meet Those That Make a Difference

Celebrating Success – BIG Ideas and SHOW-STOPPING Products Rewarded at Our Annual Awards Ceremony

Enjoy the Show with Our Unique Networking and Entertainment Features

Price: $695
Save: $704
Only 1 available!

December 13, 2017
Arlington, VA

Boeing and Airbus have begun requiring RFID tags to be applied to some parts and the goal of the entire industry is to move toward the use of RFID tags on many parts. This follows the long-standing policy of the U.S. Department of Defense to use RFID to track shipments of most goods it purchases. RFID in Aerospace and Defense 2017 is aimed at helping companies in these sectors to comply with customer requirements and use RFID technology internally to achieve significant benefits. Case studies presented by aerospace and defense companies already using RFID technologies will help attendees determine the best RFID technology for their needs, learn best practices from early adopters, find the right technology partners and move forward.

The conference sessions will cover a wide variety of applications relevant to the aerospace and defense sectors, including:

  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Work-in-process tracking
  • Reducing foreign objects left onboard
  • Enhancing worker safety
  • Supply-chain management
  • Customer compliance
  • And much more
Coming Soon!

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